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The Timken Company introduced the Timken® UltraWind P1 Seal, a  wind-turbine bearing seal with a polyurethane design that provides increased resistance to abrasion for longer wind-turbine service life and more robust performance.

In addition to its durable polyurethane base, the Timken UltraWind P1 Seal contains a variety of other features, including:
  • A flexible sealing lip that is designed to handle any misalignment or run-out in the application of the bearing. The lip’s special profile also helps minimize heat generation and cone wear while helping to accommodate bearing deflections;
  • A corrosion-resistant, stainless steel garter spring that helps prevent rust.
  • A machined design for a broader, more diverse range of applications, plus ease of installation via stress minimization. This design also allows for multiple positions at the cone lip OD contact; and
  • A cross-sectional size of 25 mm x 32 mm so the UltraWind P1 Seal designed to easily retrofit standard elastomer seals.
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