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Suzlon has announced the installation and commissioning of India's tallest wind turbine generator with a Hybrid Concrete Tubular (HCT) Tower. The first prototype of S120 - 140m HCT has been commissioned at the Tirunelveli site in Tamil Nadu, India.
The 140m HCT tower is a combination of concrete base and foundation supporting a tubular steel tower that enables higher hub heights while avoiding exponential increase in the weight and costs of an all steel tubular towers. The concrete tower was constructed onsite, using pre-cast in-situ ensuring control on quality and internally reinforced with high strength steel cables. The new S120 capitalises on Suzlon's 2.1MW platform and offers an increased rotor diameter of 120 meters. The S120 rotor incorporates 4th generation rotor aerodynamics and enhanced pitch control systems and uses Doubly Fed Induction Generator (DFIG) technology.
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