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GE Global Research has secured a US$ 4.8 million grant from the Energy Department (DOE) to develop new cybersecurity solutions for wind turbines. Fernando D’Amato, a Senior Principal Engineer at Global Research will lead a project team, working with GE Renewable Energy, Idaho National Labs and Invenergy to develop new commercially viable and field-tested cyber protection technologies for wind power generation systems that are effective against attacks on the control systems of wind turbines. 
As part of this project, Global Research and its partners will be developing a variety of new adaptive defense technologies that enable wind power generation systems to survive sophisticated cyberattacks by enhancing the control systems capabilities of detection, localisation and accommodation. The technologies being developed will combine advanced machine learning and control algorithms that are tied to rigorous physics-based models to detect, locate and mitigate cyberattacks. The algorithms will be implemented and validated at a wind turbine testing site.
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