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Skylotec doubles lifetime of its rescue devices for wind turbinesTo be able to leave a wind turbine quickly in an emergency, European standards and occupational health and safety laws prescribe a second escape route. Skylotec offers such a rescue system which is stored in place in the Seal Pac (a sealed aluminium box) for up to 10 years.
The recommended service life of these Seal Pacs is limited to ten years under optimum conditions. At the end of this period they previously had to be replaced. Skylotec now offers the possibility of extending the service life a further ten years. For this purpose, the equipment must be inspected by the manufacturer or one of the worldwide certified service partners. Since textile components such as ropes or webbing slings are subject to a natural ageing process, these parts as well as the brake unit of the rescue system is replaced, because brake linings also become brittle. The Seal Pac is resealed after the inspection and can then be used for another ten years.