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IntelStor, a renewable energy data platform built for decision support of project diligence and product development, has been launched. IntelStor includes information about +380,000 installed wind turbines as well as proposed projects in over 115 different countries covering both onshore and offshore wind. It also includes the specifications for more than 1,200 wind turbine makes and models, plus more than 52,000 globally filed patents detailing the technology usage of those turbine models.
Originally created as a consulting tool, IntelStor has been spun off as a separate company specifically dedicated to online subscription access through a software as a service (SaaS) based business model.
IntelStor has taken 3.5 years to architect and build, plus the past 8.5 years of data gathering and scrubbing by a team of renewable energy industry domain experts. IntelStor is the brainchild of Philip Totaro, who was most recently running consultancy IntelStor and was previously head of innovation and technology intelligence at Clipper Windpower.
The company has plans to add solar market data during 2019 and energy storage market data by 2020.
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