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SKF has developed SKF Enlight, a mobile and cloud based data collection, analysis and support system. SKF Enlight combines the intuitive ease-of-use of an iOS or Android app, running on a standard mobile device, with the ability to access customised workflows for specific tasks.

Wind energy companies can take their paper-based maintenance processes online by creating data collection forms that guide staff step-by-step through standard inspection activities, aided by images and online manuals. The fully customisable forms can be set up to suit operator standard operating procedures, including items such as mandatory safety checks to protect personnel. The system is able to connect directly to a wide variety of sensors, allowing photographs and video to be collected and uploaded together with data on temperature, humidity, vibration and a host of other operating parameters. Behind the scenes, the DataCollect app connects wirelessly to the SKF cloud and all inspection data is uploaded and securely stored for review and analysis.

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