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Axys engaged a collection of industry experts -- Multiversum, Frazer-Nash and DNV GL-- to complete independent classification studies which determine empirically the sensitivity of the FLiDAR to environmental parameters experienced at the given performance verification sites. The first of these classification studies is complete, making possible a traceable uncertainty assessment for the unit’s deployment to a development site, and a next step towards achieving Stage 3 maturity. 
Uncertainty is calculated from a combination of factors including verification uncertainty as well as how sensitive the Floating LiDAR Solution (FLS) is to environmental factors such as air temperature, wind shear, wind veer, turbulence intensity, barometric pressure, FLS pitch &, roll, wave direction, significant wave height and peak wave period. This Study followed the approach of the IEC 61400-12-1, Ed.2 Standard and the Carbon Trust - Lidar Uncertainty Standard Methodology Review and Recommendations to examine wind speed accuracy across a wide range of measurement heights and environmental parameters. This is the first of three classification studies this consortium of independent experts will perform on the data towards an eventual Stage 3 judgement of the Axys FLidar WindSentinel. The second classification study will be done using data collected during a verification trial in the Irish.
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