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DualSubMarine Power Systems (MPS) has been awarded £4.3 million by the European Regional Development Fund to accelerate the development of a floating offshore wind and wave technology. The EDRF funding will enable MPS to launch a programme of work on their DualSub.
WaveSub is a wave energy generation device. Scaleable to over 10MW in size, the device is in the final stages of development and testing by MPS ahead of commercial readiness. WaveSub’s high level of stability in deep water prompted MPS to explore its suitability for use as a platform for wind turbines. Initial tests revealed MPS’s approach could provide a strong, stable platform on which a wind turbine could be installed, enabling the simultaneous capture of wave and wind energy. This led to the development of a combined floating offshore wind and wave device, DualSub, and a floating offshore wind device – WindSub. Both DualSub and WindSub have successfully completed prototype stability tests, detailed computational simulation and cost of energy modelling.
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