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In response to industry demand to measure the wind at taller heights, NRG Systems now offers an 80-meter tilt-up tower. Built on the same platform as the Company’s 60-meter XHD system, the 80-meter tower incorporates bolted joints for a stiffer, stronger tower, while offering familiar installation and performance.

The complete 80-meter XHD system includes a galvanized 10-inch diameter tilt-up tower with a steel baseplate, a SymphoniePLUS 15-channel data logger, NRG Systems sensors to measure wind speed and direction, side-mount booms, and other accessories. The high-visibility package, required by the FAA in the U.S., includes an orange-and-white painted tower, a compliant lighting system, and marker balls.  The 80-meter XHD system will ship via surface freight free of charge in its efficient Enivocrate packaging starting in February 2011.
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