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AWS Truepower, LLC has released openWind Enterprise 1.3 which further refines the wind farm design process with improved loss and uncertainty estimates.

In addition to the ability to optimize for cost of energy and assess deep array impacts, current Enterprise users will receive Time?Series Energy Capture and Effective Turbulence Intensity upgrades, along with a pilot of Time?Scheduling of Turbines. These features are designed to help developers save time and meet the requirements of utilities and turbine manufacturers. openWind Enterprise software is a wind farm design and optimization software based on the open source version of openWind. Currently there are over 3,500 users of the free community version of openWind. openWind Enterprise was developed for wind developers who need more powerful features ? an industry?leading geographical information systems (GIS) interface, the ability to optimize for cost of energy, assess deep array impacts, define and analyze strategies for managed shut?down of turbines.
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