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Ensearch has introduced a specially formulated cleaner for wind turbine blades, the Bladezil Wind Turbine Cleaner. The Bladezil Cleaner is friendly to the environment since it is biodegradable and complies with EU REACH regulations. 

Bladezil Cleaner is diluted then sprayed onto the blade using a back-pack if necessary, gradually working down the blade.  The product, loosens dirt and contaminants without damaging the blades, and is then spray-washed off with clean or sea water. The highly concentrated low-viscosity liquid is designed with the challenging task of cleaning in a vertical position, most probably in a roped support, and often in high winds. Bladezil penetrates and loosens contaminants from blade surfaces including deposits which may have eaten into the surface and become time, weather and sun hardened such as airborne pollution, mould and mildew, adhered dust, salt, oils and petroleum deposits and bird droppings.
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