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NKT 525 kV XLPE test center 2As part of ‘Energiewende’, Germany’s long-term strategy for switching to renewable energies by 2050, long distance power transmission lines are required to transport renewable energy from the Northern parts of the country to the South.
These transmissions lines are often referred to as the HVDC corridor projects covering a large proportion of the country. All corridor projects will be using 525 kV DC underground power cable systems for the main lines, and lower AC voltage levels for a number of connecting lines. The 525 kV high-voltage DC XLPE underground power cable from NKT is qualified for the German HVDC projects after more than one year of testing by an external power cable test institute. The 525 kV power cable, which keeps transmission losses low, will be manufactured at NKT’s high-voltage plants in Germany and Sweden.
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