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Hempel has launched two new coatings specifically developed to protect the vulnerable “splash zone” areas of offshore structures. The “splash zone” is the area of an offshore asset that is just above the waterline and so suffers from the dual impact of atmospheric and immersion-type corrosion; as well as physical damage such as abrasion and impact, especially in areas around boat landings.

Hempadur Multistrength 35840 and 35842 are Hempel’s new coatings which are almost solvent-free and contain a much higher percentage of reactive diluents instead of conventional solvents to create superior cross-linking properties (a chemical reaction that helps harden the coating). The coatings are reinforced with overlapping glass flakes to further enhance their water resistance and strengthen them against physical impact. Their high solids ratio (99 per cent) and low VOC (volatile organic compound) content makes them kinder to the environment than conventional coatings. Hempadur Multistrength is available in two variations, 35840 and 35482, that offer identical performance but at different film thicknesses. Hempadur Multistrength 35840/2 have both been pre-qualified to NORSOK M-501 System 7A and 7B; including testing to ISO 20340: 2009 for a variety of relevant corrosion categories.

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