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Aircraft Detection Lighting Systems provide reliable, continuous 360-degree radar surveillance of the airspace around wind farms, both onshore and offshore, communications towers, power lines and installations that require aircraft obstruction lighting, automatically issuing signals to activate obstruction lighting when aircraft are detected at a defined outer perimeter. Read more about ADLS in the article written by DeTect on page 7.

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COP26: Moving away from fossil fuels


Aircraft Detection Lighting Systems
By Gary Andrews, President & CEO, DeTect, USA and Edward Zakrajsek, Executive Vice President, DeTect Global, UK
By Torsten Bondo, Business Development Manager, DHI, Denmark


By Mark Goalen, Director of Offshore Engineering, Houlder, UK


By Raul Prieto, Charlotte Hasager, Sara C. Pryor, Marijn Veraart, David C. Maniaci, Jakob I. Bech, Maral Rahimi, Fernando Sánchez López, Bodil Holst and Sandro di Noi


Windtech Future

Two Modes of Operation in Back-to-Back Converters for DFIGs, Is It Worthwhile?

By Ahmad Hemami, McGill University, Montreal, Canada

View from Inside

By Jami Hossain, Vice President and Technical Chair, World Wind Energy Association, India


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