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Hybrid mini-grids (HMGs) are an ideal solution for remote settlements without energy access. HMGs are typically sized and optimised with commercial software that comes with the usual limitations and is lacking in transparency. The Reiner Lemoine Institute has attempted to develop an opensource alternative to standard software for modelling and sizing HMGs.

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Europe sets target of 32% by 2030 and corporate renewable energy leads the way


Hybrid Mini-Grid Sizing with micrOgridS
By Sarah Berendes, Reiner Lemoine Institut, Germany

Multifloat-Spar Solution for Deep-water Wind
By Graeme Mackie, Oceanflow Energy, UK

Maximising Financial Returns During Resource Assessment
By Alistair Marsden, Dulas, UK

The New Democracy of Energy
By Michael Lumbley, Michael Lumbley, Alternative Resources Group, USA

Windtech Future

The Right Product Mix and a Modular Architecture Can Protect OEM Profits in the Age of Tenders
By Philip Totaro, CEO of IntelStor, USA

View from Inside

The Brazil of Good Winds
By Elbia Gannoum, CEO, ABEEólica – Brazilian Wind Power Association


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