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TwingTec is currently working on new wind energy technology. The concept relies on a tethered wing which flies like a kite. This  enables access to winds at higher altitudes. Just recently A first prototype has been built and tested. A product concept for a 100kW mobile wind energy system has been developed which addresses the needs of the off-grid market.

Publisher's Note

Is vertical integration of blade technology the new trend?



TwingPower High Altitude Wind Energy
By Dr Rolf Luchsinger, Co-founder & CEO, TwingTec AG, Switzerland

Taking Inspiration from the Hummingbird
By Anis Aouini, Inventor, Co-founder & Chairman of TYER Wind, Tunisia

Enhancing Wind Farm Ecological Functionalities
By Martin Perrot and Matthieu Lapinski, Seaboost, France


Company in Focus

Offshore Wind Engineering Tomorrow
By R.V. Ahilan, LOC Group, UK


Windtech Future

Onerous Mandates on Performance Impact or Reliability are Stifling RE Innovation
By Philip Totaro, CEO of IntelStor, USA


Book Review

Wind Energy for the Rest of Us
By Floris Siteur, Windtech International



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