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Mobile Wind Energy with Tethered Wings for Off-Grid Applications

Twingtec 1TwingTec is currently working on new wind energy technology that has the potential to unlock so far unused wind energy resources. The concept relies on a tethered wing which flies like a kite to harness the energy of wind. This enables access to winds at higher altitudes, which are typically stronger and more constant. No tower or foundation is needed, leading to an order of magnitude mass reduction compared to conventional wind turbines. The system can be containerised allowing for easy deployment. A first prototype has been built and tested. A product concept for a 100kW mobile wind energy system has been developed which addresses the needs of the off-grid market. Long-term systems in the megawatt range could contribute significantly to the global energy market.

By Dr Rolf Luchsinger, Co-founder & CEO, TwingTec AG, Switzerland

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