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Development, Validation and Certification of Ingeteam’s Power Converter in Suzlon’s S11x Wind Turbine


Ingeteam Figure 1 Left Ingeteam Figure 1 Right

During the last 20 years, wind power’s share in electricity generation has substantially grown, making the power quality and stability of wind systems increasingly important. Consequently, the grid codes (which establish the requirements that all generation systems must fulfil in order to be allowed to connect to the grid) have been updated in order to guarantee the stability of the grid. Until the recent past, wind turbines were allowed to disconnect from the grid when transient changes in grid voltage might jeopardise the integrity of their elements, especially the power converter. However, nowadays, this is no longer allowed. Moreover, the turbines must also support the grid with active and reactive current during these transient conditions.

By Aritz Lorea, Product Manager, Wind Business, Ingeteam Power Technology, Spain

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