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AWS Truepower has released their quarterly analytical Wind Trends Bulletins. Each report independently reviews wind resource performance in North America, Europe, and India based on AWS Truepower’s long-term simulated wind resource data set.

Highlights of the findings include:
  • North America: Near- or above-normal wind speeds were exhibited throughout much of North America with the largest deviations throughout much of the Rocky Mountains and Southern Great Plains.
  • Europe: Western Europe enjoyed above-average winds while Eastern Europe suffered.
  • India – Northern and far Eastern India experienced below-normal to well below-normal wind speeds. Much of Southeastern India observed above-average speeds.
AWS Truepower assesses portfolios of pre- and post-construction assets that take into consideration long-term and annual fluctuations in wind resource to gauge portfolio risk. Its Wind Trends Bulletin provides wind plant owners, investors and operators with a high-level analysis of wind resource performance influenced by climatic fluctuations. This aids in identifying potential issues with plant underperformance.