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Over forty organisations will join forces to set out a long-term vision for the deployment of offshore wind in the northern seas and the economic opportunities this presents. 

The norstec network brings together key players in the offshore renewables sector, across developers, the supply chain and other stakeholders (investors, academia and NGOs). Through collaboration and information-sharing, it will ensure that the benefits offered by vast clean energy potential in the northern seas are fully realised. It will promote the development of all forms of marine energy, initially focusing on the development of offshore wind. To succeed in achieving these outcomes, they will need:
  • Innovation throughout the sector to push forward technological development, creating competitive and well-established supply chains which bring down costs and enable economic sustainability
  • Collaboration between academia, industry and investors to promote technology standardisation and to develop a highly-skilled and well-trained workforce, and cooperation between countries around the northern seas to link markets together and share resources
  • Commitment by industry participants and governments to create a favourable investment environment, including a continued stable and supportive political context underpinned by formal policies and challenging targets which promote development of the offshore renewables sector.
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