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The American Wind Energy Association has described what a future phase-out of its primary federal incentive could look like. But the number one priority right now is not putting the wind industry over its own fiscal cliff and Congress must extend the wind energy Production Tax Credit for projects that start next year.

The result of AWEA’s analysis specifies that the tax credit would start at 100% of the current 2.2 cents a kilowatt-hour for projects started in 2013, and be phased down to 90% of that value for projects placed in service in 2014; 80% in 2015; 70% in 2016; and 60% in both 2017 and 2018, ending after that. The analysis indicates that would allow wind energy to establish a stable base market in the USA that the industry can build on, with further market and technology innovation. The process of developing it started last spring, included detailed economic analyses and discussions with the industry, and culminated in approval by the AWEA Board of Directors. The resulting proposal is described in a letter that AWEA has send to leaders on Capitol Hill.
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