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OWC has received a USD 240,000 award from the National Offshore Wind Research and Development Consortium (NOWRDC) to research coordinating use of transmission to allow multiple offshore wind projects to use the same landfall location and potentially the same onshore corridor.
The purpose of the study, titled Shared Landfall and Onshore Cable Infrastructure for Cable Co-Location Feasibility Study, is to address cable landfall and onshore constraint issues related to the expected growth in new offshore wind farms in the U.S.
OWC’s study scope is to identify a reference project as the basis of the study, such as two or three potential NY Bight projects. This will be discussed with stakeholders such as BOEM and wind farm developers. A concept case design for shared landfall and onshore infrastructure to accommodate and co-locate third party export cables will be developed, supported with design drawings. The concept case will then be fully costed to feasibility level and the LCOE compared to the base case without this shared infrastructure.
OWC will be supported by partners ITPEnergised, Power Advisory, Continuum Associates and Prospect Hill Consulting as part of the team to deliver the study.
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