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The Massachusetts Department of Energy Resources (DOER) and the electric distribution companies (EDCs) jointly filed a draft Request for Proposals (RFP) with the Department of Public Utilities (DPU), which if approved, would represent the fourth and largest offshore wind solicitation to date.
If approved, the draft RFP will invite submittals for offshore wind generation to procure up to 3,600 MW, which represents 25 percent of the state’s annual electricity demand and a significant increase over the previous procurement, which sought approximately 1,600 MW of offshore wind.
As drafted, the RFP will allow DOER to consider in its evaluation direct and indirect costs and benefits, environmental and socioeconomic impacts from siting, and diversity, equity, and inclusion plans. In contrast with previous years, this RFP makes clear the weight given to projects with robust economic development proposals that support minority- and women-owned businesses and support for low-income workers, workers of color, and workers from impacted environmental justice communities. Projects must also develop an environmental and fisheries mitigation plan that considers commercial, recreational, and indigenous fishing rights.
The experience and track record of the bidder will be included in the evaluation to help ensure projects are viable and have a high likelihood of achieving commercial operation. Under the proposed timeline, bids are due January 31, 2024.
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