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Sea Impact has released its O&M Jack-Up Intervention Report. This report provides an insight and overview into O&M jack-up interventions between 2012 and 2020 and sorely focusing on Jack-up interventions and also provides technical and analytic details. 
The total number of jack-up interventions had doubled from 125 in 2017, to 262 in 2019, and the interventions that were carried out by larger jack-up vessels has increased by almost 14 times during this time. This can be seen as a result of one the newest generation of turbines requiring service by larger vessels as well as some vessels transitioning from installation to O&M as they are not capable of installing the next generation turbines. The newest and next generation turbines will have better reliability but at the same time take longer to repair and replace the major components. However, with the general growth of the offshore wind industry the market for jack-up interventions is expected to continue to grow. Further, while the duration of major component replacement have been higher at the newest platforms, the increasing maturity approaches to major component replacements are expected to lead to downward trend in the duration of jack-up interventions.
Sea Impact's approach to market intelligence of analysing vessel position data (AIS data) is made possible due to the joint effort of two Danish offshore wind companies ; Peak Wind and Lautec. Sea Impact was founded in early 2020 aiming to bridge the knowledge gap by providing the market intelligence from combining project and vessel data.
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