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Increased levels of hydro and wind generation?in the December 2006 quarter resulted in 74 per cent of electricity?being generated?from renewable resources, Statistics New Zealand said.

This is a return to?the levels experienced before?the December 2005 quarter. At that time,?lake levels were well below average and only 66 per cent of electricity generation was from renewable resources. Total electricity?generation in the December 2006 quarter was 1.2 per cent higher than in the December 2005 quarter. Offsetting the increase for hydro and wind generation?was a decrease in thermal generation, especially?from coal and gas. In the December 2006 year, total electricity generation?was 1.6 per cent higher than in the December 2005 year.?An increase in?thermal?generation was the biggest contributor to the increase.?Hydro and wind generation also increased and supplied 59 per cent of total electricity,?the same as for?the previous December?year.
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