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To succeed in an environment and increase the competitiveness of its onshore business Siemens Gamesa has decided to focus on the next generation of large turbines, with rotors of up to 170 meters. Therefore Siemens Gamesa has decided to shut down its Aoiz factory, which is not competitive in the market environment to produce blades for large turbine models.
The Navarre plant manufactures the SG 3.4-132 for projects located primarily in Spain. Its higher costs and geographical position, more than 200 km away from the closest port, make it uncompetitive for global markets.  The company will start a collective dismissal procedure for a maximum of 239 employees. While this activity is not directly linked to the COVID-19 crisis, the effects of the pandemic in Siemens Gamesa operations and commercial activity have accentuated the need for action. The company reported a direct impact of € 56 million in its profitability during the last quarter.
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