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The strategic restructuring of the RWE Group, which was decided upon at the end of 2015, is on schedule. The new subsidiary bundling renewables, grids and retail both in Germany and internationally, will begin operating on 1 April 2016.

The renewables division posted a considerable gain in its operating result. It more than doubled compared to 2014, rising from € 186 million to € 493 million. This was largely due to the commissioning of new wind farms with a total generating capacity of some 1,000MW during 2015, including the offshore wind farms Nordsee Ost, near Heligoland (295MW), and Gwynt y Môr off the coast of Wales (576MW; RWE’s share was reduced from 60% to 50% in October 2015). This means that renewables now account for the largest share of RWE’s generation portfolio after gas and coal.

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