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RWE will transfer its renewables, grids and retail operations in Germany and abroad to a new subsidiary and list it on the stock market. In so doing, the company will create a platform for growth with its own access to the capital market.

This will strengthen the viability of the Group as a whole. The new subsidiary will be listed on the stock market probably in late 2016. RWE intends to offer some 10 percent of the new company's share capital to the public in connection with a capital increase. At the same or later point in time additional stakes may be disposed. The proceeds will be used to finance further growth in markets with good future prospects. There will be no change to the asset base available to back liabilities. In relation to the nuclear phase out, the RWE Group will increase its financial flexibility to fund its provisions. RWE AG will remain the new company's majority shareholder over the long term and consolidate it fully. The parent company will focus on conventional power generation and energy trading.

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