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PitchOneWith their new wind energy competence centre in Unna (North Rhine-Westphalia) as well as manufacturing plants in Lahnau (Hesse) and Shanghai, LTI Motion is turning their wind energy business into a strategic pillar of growth. At the same time, the company is acquiring the intellectual property rights for the Pitchmaster series from former exclusive partner Moog, securing additional market shares and returning to marketing under their own trademark.
Until now, wind energy and the production of pitch drive solutions at the plant in Unna fell within the remit of LTI ReEnergy. Going forward, wind energy will be reincorporated into LTI Motion's core business, and manufacturing will move to the plants in Lahnau and Shanghai. In addition, the new wind energy competence centre in Unna will be spearheading the expansion of technology development and marketing activities.
Aside from these organisational changes, LTI Motion has also presented their new 5th-generation pitch drive system, PitchOne. The 5th generation of pitch servo drives is specially designed for the requirements of the 3 to 4MW class of wind turbines. The PitchOne has a compact design and passive cooling. In size 20, it delivers up to 45 kW of power for safe emergency blade travel.
The pitch system has fewer individual components and requires less wiring. With remote update capability via OPC-UA and its modular design, PitchOne also reduces O&M costs. Further cost savings at turbine level can be achieved through a series of newly implemented safety functions and the TÜV-certified emergency run with Performance Level E.
Thanks to its wide voltage tolerance of 140 %, the new PitchOne meets all known HVRT grid connection requirements. The internal DC/DC converter also provides a high DC link voltage during LVRT load conditions, allowing efficient dimensioning of the motor and backup energy storage capacity. The optional PLC programming via CODESYS offers flexibility and know-how protection for custom applications.
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