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GE has announced the opening of a new wind energy services centre in Bahia, Brazil. This facility is the first of two service centers opening in Brazil this year.
The service centres represent a US$ 1.5 million investment in Brazil and will employ more than 100 service technicians. Engineers at the new facilities will monitor wind operations and weather, as well as dispatch local technicians to wind farms to perform maintenance and maintain a store of essential parts. Engineers and technicians at the Bahia service centre will focus their work on GE’s 1.6-82.5 and 1.85-82.5 wind turbines. GE will leverage the new service centres to partner with Brazilian technical schools. GE will provide hands-on learning opportunities at the service centres led by in-country trainers, donate equipment to technical schools, form new internship opportunities and open GE’s internal trainings for wind energy to qualifying students.
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