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Energyloop, a company owned by FCC Ámbito and Iberdrola for the recycling of wind farm components, has signed a collaboration agreement with Surus with the aim of providing a joint solution for the recycling of wind turbine blades in wind farm repowering projects.
Energyloop was created in response to the recovery of wind turbine blade components and their reuse in sectors such as energy, aerospace, automotive, textile, chemical and construction. Its activity will begin with the start-up of production in 2024 in the Navarre municipality of Cortes of a blade recycling plant that will require an investment of close to €10 million.
Surus is active in the circular dismantling of industrial facilities and has experience in the repowering of wind farms. Under the agreement, Surus will provide a flow of elements from those projects where it executes its circular dismantling solution and will offer Energyloop for recycling those blades that have not been marketed for reuse.