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Ørsted and Vestas have formed a partnership to advance net-zero wind farms. Under this commercial sustainability agreement, Ørsted will source low-carbon steel wind turbine towers and blades made from recycled materials from Vestas for all joint offshore wind projects.
In their collaborative efforts, Ørsted and Vestas will install low-carbon steel towers and, when available, blades made from recycled materials at all future joint offshore wind farms. Ørsted's commitment to sustainable procurement extends beyond one-time initiatives, encompassing all future offshore projects with Vestas. This partnership ensures a continuous demand for Vestas' low-carbon and circular solutions.
The partnership includes a requirement for a minimum of 25% low-carbon steel towers in all joint future offshore wind farms. Additionally, the companies will work together to expand circular blade recycling technology. Vestas and its partners in the CETEC project have pioneered a groundbreaking solution for decomposing composite materials in existing and future epoxy-based blades, allowing the recovered epoxy resin to be used in new blades. Vestas, along with Olin and Stena Recycling, is currently scaling up the circular recycling value chain. Once ready for commercial manufacturing, Ørsted will procure wind turbine blades made from recycled materials from Vestas to accelerate the technology's scaling process.
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