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ArcVera Renewables has announced the recent appointment of John Bosche to the standards committee board of the American Renewable Energy Standards and Certification Association (ARESCA).
ARESCA is the United States member body that liaises with IEC (International Electrical Committee) for international standards related to wind, solar, and marine energy. The board oversees the United States' involvement in the creation and maintenance of renewable energy technology national and international standards.  
John has been involved with the creation of IEC standards for over 20 years, including involvement in the creation of IEC 61400-12-1 and 61400-12-2, both standards for PPT (power performance testing) and more recently, IEC 61400-50-3, a standard developed for the use of nacelle-mounted LIDAR instruments for PPTs. He is currently involved in a joint working forum that is creating a framework for model validation. 
Over the years, John has also been involved in the United States Technical Advisory Group and ACP (American Clean Power; formerly the American Wind Energy Association - AWEA) technical standards committee. He is also currently involved with IECRE, an organization that provides peer assessment of certification bodies and test laboratories with the goal of harmonizing and standardizing the application of IEC standards related to wind, solar, and marine energy.
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