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EDPR produced 8.1 TWh of clean energy in the 1Q21, +5% YoY. The YoY evolution benefits from the capacity additions over the last 12 months along with a stable wind resource.
In the 1Q21, operations in Europe, North America and Brazil generated 41%, 56% and 3% of the total output, respectively. In Europe generation increased 15% YoY, mainly impacted by higher installed capacity and by a higher wind resource. In North America, output decreased by 3% YoY to 4.6 TWh, reflecting the new capacity in operation (+9%) offset by the lower wind resource due to the impact of the Polar Vortex in US and by the impact of the ERCOT event. In Brazil, production increased to 224 GWh, driven by higher installed capacity along with higher wind resource. By Mar‐21, EDPR operational portfolio totalled 12.5 GW, of which 5.0 GW in Europe, including 2.3 GW in Spain, 1.3 GW in Portugal, 1.4 GW in Rest of Europe, 7.0 GW in North America and the remaining 0.4 GW in Brazil. From the 12.5 GW, 546 MW are related to solar PV, 11,859 MW to wind onshore and 53MW to offshore wind technology (equity stakes).
As of March 2021, EDPR had 2.9 GW of new capacity under construction, of which 2,226 MW of wind onshore, 404 MW of solar and 269 MW of equity participations in offshore projects. In terms of wind onshore, in Europe were 859 MW under construction, with 342 MW in Poland, 200 MW in Italy, 125 MW in Portugal, 101 MW in Spain, 46 MW in France and 45 MW in Greece. In North America 832 MW were under construction, of which 632 MW corresponding to wind onshore projects in US and Canada and 200 MW to a solar project in US. In Brazil 735 MW of wind onshore and 204 MW of solar were under construction. In terms of wind offshore, EDPR had 269 MW net under construction from Moray East in the UK (equity stake).
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