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EDPR installed capacity increased to 13.6 GW(+1.4 GW YoY), with Europe and North America representing 42% and 52% of the portfolio, respectively. Capacity additions in 2021 amounted to 2.6 GW and capacity under construction totalled 1.8 GW as of Dec-21 (does not include 401 MW of Installed capacity and 162 MW of Under construction capacity as of Dec-21 relating to Sunseap acquisition).
Following the successful completion of the Asset rotation deals in the US and in Portugal, net additions YoY totalled 1.4 GW. EDPR generated 30.3 TWh of clean energy in 2021 (+6% YoY), with Europe and North America representing 37% and 56% of total generation output, respectively. In Europe, generation increased 13% YoY, impacted by higher installed capacity and slightly better resource. In North America, output is down -2% YoY reflecting the new capacity in operation offset by low resource and the impact of the one-off ERCOT event in 1Q21. In Latin America, production increased 73% driven by higher installed capacity along with higher resource in Brazil. EDPR continues to accelerate growth with 13.6 GW already installed and a higher technology diversification with 1.1 GW of solar and 1.5 GW gross of offshore wind in operation and/or under construction.
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