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EDPR installed capacity increased to 12.6 GW as of Jun-21 (+1.15 GW YoY), with Europe and North America representing 40% and 56% of the portfolio, respectively. Capacity additions YTD amount to 0.7 GW and EDPR has currently 2.9 GW of capacity under construction.
Following the completion of the Asset rotation deal in the US (68% stake of a 405 MW wind portfolio), net additions YTD total 0.4 GW. EDPR generated 15.3 TWh of clean energy in 1H21 (+5% YoY), with Europe and North America representing 38% and 59% of total generation output, respectively. In Europe, generation increased 14% YoY, impacted by higher installed capacity and higher resource. In North America, output decreased 1% YoY reflecting the new capacity in operation offset by low resource and the impact of the one-off ERCOT event in 1Q21. In Brazil, production increased 27% driven by higher installed capacity along with higher resource. In Jun-21, EDPR entered in Vietnam with the acquisition of a 28 MWac solar project, which represents the first step towards the establishment of EDPR’s presence in APAC, where EDPR expects to invest part of the c.5% allocated to Other geographies within the 20GW growth plan until 2025.
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