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Europe in the Seizure of an Arctic Winter…

At the time of writing, Europe faces a cold winter, and across Europe people have been asking the question: if the globe is getting warmer, why is Europe freezing? But the question really is whether recent winters taken together have been too warm. Yes, say climate researchers, they have.

{access view=!registered}Only logged in users can view the full text of the article.{/access}{access view=registered}Because winters over the past 20 years have been warmer than the older average, many now believe that this winter is particularly cold. But it is not. In the past 20 years, only six winters were colder than this average. The other 14 winters were all warmer. That's why many people now believe that this winter is particularly cold. It is not. It is only a problem of perception. Another question I have often heard from the public, and also from many politicians, is whether the enormous investments in renewable energy are really necessary? Scientific research has established that the Earth will continue to get warmer if no substantial reductions in the emission of greenhouse gases take place, so the answer is a clear yes! Even if you do not believe in climate change, the issues of energy security, the desirability of a multiplicity of energy sources and the long-term need to replace dwindling oil supplies in the energy mix are good reasons for investing in renewable energy.

Therefore, it is a shame that no substantial deal was reached at the climate summit in Copenhagen, and only a few vague goals were set out. Binding emissions targets and putting a price on carbon dioxide are issues that a new global climate agreement needs to address. In addition to this lack of global objectives, the wind power industry is still faced with obstacles such as the granting of permits, grid issues and access to cheap capital.

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In 2010 Windtech International starts publishing its sixth volume and we intend to continue to bring you interesting and innovative information with a technological focus from the industry. During these five years, we have established a strong and growing qualified readership. Windtech International reaches a worldwide readership of professionals active in the wind energy industry through a targeted global distribution. Over 4,000 copies are distributed worldwide to more than 105 countries, with 83% going to? individual qualified readers. It is our goal to increase this number to at least 90% during 2010. According to our latest survey, each copy of Windtech International is read by 3.2 persons within each organisation, so Windtech International is read by more than 12,000 people in the industry.

We are very pleased with all the responses we have received over the years and I would like to thank all who have participated and supported us. Without your help Windtech International would not have been as successful as it is. As always, we are open to any suggestions or remarks you may have. Please let us know what you think.

Let me end this publisher’s note with the most important thing: my best wishes for 2010. I hope it may bring health and prosperity to you and to your families.

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