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Van Oord completes foundations for offshore wind farm East Anglia ONEVan Oord has installed the last jacket foundation for offshore wind farm East Anglia ONE and delivered it to client ScottishPower Renewables. As a main contractor, Van Oord transported and installed all 102 foundations. The lion's share of the work took place at a depth of more than 40 metres in the North Sea. In order to be able to install wind turbine foundations Van Oord developed a pile-driving template.
The team used this template to drive the anchoring piles for each three-legged jacket foundation into the seabed. Subsequently, the wind turbine foundations could be installed in the piles. ScottishPower Renewables outsourced the manufacture of the jacket foundations and anchoring piles to suppliers in the UK, Spain and the Middle East. Van Oord was involved in the logistics and transported some of the foundations to BOW Terminal Vlissingen (The Netherlands), the storage and transhipment port for the wind turbine foundations.
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