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BORWIN 3 TopsideTrelleborg’s engineered products operation has been awarded a contract by Petrofac for its first floatover installation of the offshore converter platform for the BorWin3 wind farm.  Siemens will supply the HVDC transmission technology, while consortium partner, Petrofac will be responsible for the construction and installation of the platform.

For the installation of the 18,500 metric tonne topside onto the substructure, Trelleborg has been contracted to supply six sets of leg mating units and the same amount of deck support units. The leg mating units (LMUs) make a floatover transition possible by damping the forces created as the topside’s load is transferred to the jacket. Consisting of steel structures filled with elastomeric pads, the LMUs are designed to take up the static and dynamic forces of the topside structure, as well as the horizontal forces due to open sea motions during installation. The assembled LMU can be installed either on the topside or substructure. In addition, deck support units (DSUs) are fixed on the barge that will transport the platform's topside to its site offshore. These combat the destabilizing effects of adverse weather and sea conditions during transport.

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