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EnBW Energie Baden-Württemberg AG (represented by its subsidiary EnBW Hohe See GmbH) and Siemens AG have concluded a contract for the supply and installation of 71 wind turbines of type Siemens SWT-7.0-154 including the corresponding monopile turbine foundations. The award of this contract to Siemens means that all of the supply contracts for the main infrastructure work for EnBW Hohe See have now been concluded.

Contracts were already concluded with VBMS GmbH (Volker Wessels Boskalis Marine Solutions GmbH, Wilhelmshaven) for the array cabling at the wind farm and with a consortium consisting of Cofely Fabricom NV, Iemants NV and CG Holdings Belgium NV Systems Division for the offshore substation. The contracts will run in two phases: The design phase, which started at the same time the contract was signed and will take around one year, comprises the precise calculations for the foundation structures of the wind turbines, the layout of the array cabling and the detailed static calculations and technical equipment specifications for the substation, as well as obtaining the required certification and official approval. EnBW anticipates total costs in the low three-digit million euro range for the design phase.

Once complete, this will then be followed by the execution phase that comprises the actual construction of the project including the manufacture, installation and commissioning of the offshore wind farm. The execution phase is still subject to a final decision by EnBW on whether to proceed with the construction and investment in the Hohe See offshore wind farm. It is anticipated that this decision will be taken at the end of 2016. By this point in time, EnBW is also planning to have chosen co-investors for the acquisition of up to 49.9 percent of the shares in EnBW Hohe See as part of a structured participation model. The process for approaching interested parties on the market about this project has already begun.

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