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The Danish Energy Agency approves the Plan for Thor Offshore Wind FarmBased on the Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) of the Plan for Thor Offshore Wind Farm and the public consultation, the Danish Energy Agency concludes that the Plan for Thor can be realised in the dedicated site west of Thorsminde, and without significant impacts to the environment.
At the same time, the Danish Energy Agency has narrowed down the site for the wind farm from 440 km2 to 286 km2 as a result of the site-investigations. In parallel with the environmental assessment of the Plan for Thor with the Environmental Protection Agency as Authority, an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) of the specific onshore facility has been carried out, which is now in public consultation until 21 June 2021. This process is expected to lead to an EIA-permit for the landbased project to be issued by the Danish Environmental Protection Agency in August 2021.
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