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Formosa 1, an offshore wind power project in Miaoli County, Taiwan in which JERA participates, started commercial operation on 27 December 2019. Phase 1 (8MW) of the Formosa 1 project began operation in April 2017, and construction of Phase 2, a large-scale offshore wind power plant of 120MW, has been underway since June 2018.
Since joining the project in February 2019, JERA has helped ensure a smooth launch by dispatching engineers to the operating company while acquiring knowledge and experience in the construction of offshore wind power plants. Formosa 1 is owned by Ørsted (35%), Macquarie (25%), Swancor (7.5%), and JERA (32.5%). Stakeholders in Formosa 2 are Macquarie (26.0%), Swancor (25.0%) and JERA (49.0%).
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