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PICTURE Sulzer Schmid Vestas 4GW blade inspection campaign Europe 2Sulzer Schmid has completed a blade inspection campaign for Vestas, covering close to 4,000 wind turbines across 14 countries of northern and central Europe.
The inspection campaign was managed by Sulzer Schmid, who teamed up with FairWind, FaroWind and Robur to carry out blade inspections in the field. Sulzer Schmid supplied the inspection technology and hardware as well as provide campaign management and training for the field inspection teams. A total of 19 teams were deployed. The inspection process in place allowed for the inspection of up to 18 wind turbines daily and the campaign covered as much as 17 different types of wind turbines. The images and metadata captured by the autonomous drones were uploaded to the cloud-based 3DX Blade Platform, and an AI aided annotation process was then carried out by Sulzer Schmid, before being reviewed by Vestas own blade expert team.
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