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Estonian transmission system operator Elering has awarded Siemens Energy with a contract to build three synchronous condenser plants in Estonia. The three synchronous condensers will help stabilising the grid and managing the ongoing integration of renewable energy generation.
Siemens Energy is responsible for design, supply and installation of the three 330 kilovolt (kV) synchronous condenser plants, that will be located at Püssi, Viru and Kiisa in the north of Estonia. By means of its rotating mass the synchronous condensers will provide short-circuit power and inertia for stable operation of the Estonian grid while also providing or absorbing reactive power. Each of the three plants will be able to provide the grid with reactive power of 50/+50 mega volt-ampere reactive and up to 1,750 megawatt-seconds of inertia. They will have a short-circuit capability of more than 900 mega volt-ampere. The plants will be commissioned successively between April 2023 and May 2024.
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