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To ensure a continued reliable supply of energy in Southern Germany, transmission system operators 50Hertz and TenneT are planning to build the SuedOstLink electricity highway. It will transport excess energy from northern Germany and ensure that green electricity can be supplied to the South.
Siemens Energy will deliver the converter technology, that will enable the low-loss transport of electricity over more than 500 kilometers. The converter stations, designed to convert direct to alternating current and vice versa, will be built at Wolmirstedt in Saxony-Anhalt and near Landshut in Bavaria. In the case of excess wind energy, the northern Wolmirstedt converter station will convert the alternating current into direct current. The energy will be transported to the south via underground cables with a voltage of 525 kilovolts. The Isar station in the south will convert the incoming direct current back into alternating current and feed it into the distribution network. Up to two gigawatts of electricity can be transported in both directions to flexibly react to fluctuations in electricity demand and supply.
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