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The solidly insulated pluggable Connex jointsIn cooperation with British cable manufacturer JDR, Pfisterer has received the order for the delivery of Connex cast resin joints and Connex plug connectors for up to 72.5 kV for the networking of the new East Anglia ONE offshore wind farm.

The new East Anglia ONE wind farm of operator ScottishPower Renewables is being constructed 43 km from the coast of Suffolk in the southern North Sea. 102 Siemens turbines, each with 7 MW, will be set up from the middle of next year, and will be connected via two converter stations in a 66 kV network. The inter-array sea and tower cables are connected with the cast resin joints in the lower tower section of the wind turbines. The dry, i.e. gas-free Connex cast resin joints from Pfisterer are solidly-insulated, pluggable, touch-safe, resistant to salt water and UV radiation, and are also submergible. Pfisterer received the order for the delivery of the HV fittings in close cooperation with cable manufacturer JDR. In April, JDR was commissioned to supply more than 155 km of inter-array cable for the offshore wind farm by VBMS, including the connecting fittings from Pfisterer.

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