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REpower Systems AG is expected to participate in the planned offshore wind farm “Baltic I” with two 5M turbines.

The partial planning permission for the first German offshore wind farm in the Baltic Sea which has just been granted by the Ministry for the Environment for the Mecklenburg-Vorpommern region includes the installation and operation of a total of 21 offshore turbines at a distance of 15 to 16 kilometres off the Darß coast and in water depths of 16 to 19 metres. As early as September 2005, the Stiftung Offshore Windenergie [Offshore Wind Energy Foundation] had obtained the location rights for the Borkum West test wind farm with a total of 12 turbines. REpower is a member of the foundation’s board of trustees and will set up four 5M turbines off Borkum. The offshore wind farm “Baltic I” will be operated by Offshore Ostsee Wind AG and will presumably start up in 2007.
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