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Windbrokers BV announced that they have entered into an agreement with Vestas RRB India Ltd. to market and sell the Vestas RRB wind turbines in Europe, North- and South-America.

After nearly 20 years manufacturing solely for the Indian market, Vestas RRB has decided to sell their products outside India as well. Windbrokers was selected as Authorised Sales Company due to their worldwide sales network for medium-sized wind turbines. Vestas RRB aims to optimise utilisation of their new wind turbine manufacturing plant, which is under construction in Chennai, India. The product range consist of the Pawan Shakthi - Vestas RRB 47/600 and Vestas RRB 47/500 with 40 and 50 meter tubular towers and the Vestas RRB 27/225 with 50 meter lattice tower. These turbines can be supplied for both 50Hz and 60Hz grid frequencies.
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