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3D rendition of the end of line test bench from RD Test Systems credit RD Test Systems 1920x1080R&D Test Systems, a leading Danish wind turbine test system supplier, has received a follow-up order from ZF Wind Power to develop and deliver a new end-of-line test bench needed to verify the system functionality on manufactured powertrains, including the gearbox, generator, and main bearing arrangement, prior to shipping to the OEMs.
The end-of-line test rig will be delivered to ZF Wind Power’s production plant at Lommel, Belgium, in autumn 2023. R&D Test Systems was also selected early in 2022 to supply a 30 MW validation test bench for ZF Wind Power’s Test & Prototype Center at the same site. The test rig for ZF Wind Power conducts load tests, powered by the more than 15 MW motor, providing 18 MNm of torque to test the unit at high load levels. Capable of lifting up to 300 tons, the crane selected for the test bench will both lift and place the offshore powertrains in the test bench, which at the highest point is six meters above ground. Three automated hydraulic systems then clamp the powertrain in place with the link-arm-coupling thereby connecting the test motor to the powertrain.
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