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Gamesa signs a frame agreement with Horizon Wind Energy

Gamesa Wind US LLC a subsidiary of Gamesa Eólica has been selected by Horizon Wind Energy (formerly Zilkha Renewable Energy), a wind energy developer owned by Goldman Sachs, for the supply of up to 600MW of wind turbines for projects located in the United States. The agreement between Gamesa and Horizon involves the supply of the full line of Gamesa G8X-2.0 MW products. Most of the manufacturing of these wind turbines will be carried out in the plants that the Spanish company owns in the US. The frame agreement initially calls for the supply of 400 MW with an option for an additional 200 MW. The turbines will be installed during 2006 and 2007. The estimated value of this frame agreement, depending on its final scope and the combination of the wind turbine models, could reach up to US$ 700 million.

Gamesa enters the Chinese market

Gamesa Eólica has now fully entered the Chinese market with the construction of a wind turbine factory and the signing of contracts for the installation of a total of 302MW of wind-generated power. These latest activities represent the company's largest wind power equipment sales commitment in Asia to date. Specifically, Gamesa Eólica has signed five new contracts with subsidiaries of the China Long Yuan Electric Power Group Corporation, which in turn belongs to the China Guodian Corporation group. These contracts call for the supply of 355 Gamesa Model G58-850 kW wind turbines to various Chinese wind farms. This equipment will be manufactured and assembled at the plant Gamesa is currently building in Tianjin province in China, with a planned budget of over 60 million euros over the next three years. The contracts, valued at over 160 million euros, include the supply of wind turbines without a tower, along with the supervision of their installation and start-up. Assembly work is expected to begin in 2006. Gamesa is currently constructing a wind turbine manufacturing plant in the city of Tianjin. The new plant will have a total surface area of 100,000 m2. The plant will produce Gamesa Models G52-850 kW and G58-850 kW wind turbines. The plant will include areas for warehousing as well as for wind turbine maintenance and service. Other special sections will be used for storing 26 m. and 29 m. blades for the mentioned models. Work on the plant is expected to finish in July of 2006, at which time the first wind turbines destined for the wind farms included in the contracts will begin to roll out of the production line. The agreement was signed with Tianjin Hitech, a public corporation that manages high tech industrial development in the Tianjin area. The plant as well as adjacent facilities will be fully owned by Gamesa.

Vestas receives an order for Australia

The Vestas Group has received an order for 25 units of the V90-3.0MW wind turbine for the Studland Bay Wind Farm, which will be located in the northwest of Tasmania, Australia. Studland Bay is the third phase of the Woolnorth Wind Farm where the previous two phases consist of 37 units of V66-1.65 MW wind turbines. The 75MW Woolnorth Studland Bay Wind Farm order will be delivered to Roaring 40s, a joint venture company owned by Hydro Tasmania and China Light and Power. The order consists of delivery, installation and commissioning, remote control system as well as a 5-year service and maintenance agreement. Shipment of the turbines will begin in 2006, and commissioning of the wind power plant will take place during the third quarter of 2006.

Thanet offshore wind farm

Thanet Offshore Wind Limited (TOW), a subsidiary of Warwick Energy Limited, has applied for consents to construct and operate its proposed offshore wind farm off the coast of East Kent. Consents have been requested from both the DTI and from Defra.

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Airtricity submits planning application for wind farm

Airtricity has applied for consent to build a GBP 50 million, 25 turbine wind farm in Sutherland. The proposed wind farm is located to the north west of Invercassley and Rosehall, approximately 12km to the west of Lairg in the north of Scotland.  The site occupies an area of approximately 2731 hectares, of which just over 1% will be required for the infrastructure itself. The proposed wind farm will mitigate approximately 113,000 tonnes of C02 per annum.

Japan's largest ever wind farm completed

On 15 November 2005, Eurus Energy Group celebrated the completion of Japan's largest wind farm at Cape Soya, Wakkanai, Hokkaido. Total project cost is 12 billion yen and total output capacity is 57MW. The wind farm reduces about 120,000 tons of CO2 emission a year. Completion of its Soya Wind Farm increases wind energy output to 240MW in Japan and 1,080MW in world total.
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